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We aim to support schools, alternative education providers and community outreach programmes in advising and motivating children of all ages with their personal aspirations, career choices and future goals.

Siddiqui Education

Siddiqui Education prides itself on using the public profile of Baasit Siddiqui and the positive reputation of the Siddiqui’s from Gogglebox, to help motivate and inspire school children who really benefit from it. The Siddiqui’s profile continues to grow in a positive way.

With over five years’ experience on the BAFTA and NTA winning show Gogglebox, the Siddiqui’s have had such complimentary tweets such as:

  • “The Siddiqui family on #Gogglebox have done more for promoting tolerance and respect in a multicultural Britain than any Government initiative ever could”
    Peggy Wooly 04/05/2018
  • “UK at its best watching the Siddiquis comment on the Kings Speech #Gogglebox”
    Peter Hoffman 09/12/2017

The “Siddiqui Ramblings” Podcast is another platform for the Siddiquis to build their profile and positive message. The Podcast is used as part of the “Let’s Podcast” prize for students, who will get the chance for their mini podcast to be played during the Siddiquis Podcast. Although the Podcast is growing, feedback has been very positive. With over fifty five star reviews. Fans of the show have said the following:

  • “When so much on telly, radio, and the media switches me off, it’s a tonic listening to this! A family who cover the hilarious minutiae of life and what gets us through!”
    Ally Whitfield 03/09/2017
  • “So laid back, very charming and silly. The rapport of the family is gentle and genuine. Good stuff.”
    Tobias Vaughn 14/05/2017

A fundamental part of the Siddiqui Education ethos is to ensure that teaching strategies regarding resources and delivery of the workshop are of the highest standard. Baasit has ten years teaching experience and during his time as a head of department, he mentored NQT and PGCE teachers over a number of years. This ensured Baasit kept up to date with teaching pedagogy and successful approaches to behaviour management, pace, delivery and assessment. This skill set coupled with support from local research schools and research collated by the Education Endowment Foundation ensures that each workshop caters for supporting the progress of attainment of Pupil Premium and other disadvantaged groups of people. Siddiqui Education uses a stringent form of self-assessment, including entry and exit data from pupils on the day of the workshop and testimonials from schools.

This is to ensure the resources that Siddiqui Education provide continue to be created by a reflective practitioner who take on board their client’s feedback.

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Baasit has also been on television for over five years on the BAFTA and NTA award winning show Gogglebox.