Online Courses

T.I.M.E provides a digital training platform for teachers throughout their career and a space where parents and children can access life skills and the support that they need, whenever they need it.

Fun, Easy to Access Courses

T.I.M.E for a Revolutionary Digital Training Platform to Empower UK Teachers and their School Community? We are Proud to Announce an Exciting Platform to Support Teachers, Parents/Guardians and Students. 

Siddiqui Education and Did Teach have partnered to create a fantastic platform to empower your whole school community. 

Through the T.I.M.E platform, not only would you school have access to exclusive Siddiqui Education digital workshops, including the ‘Let’s Pitch It’ National competition, but your school staff, parents and students will have access to so much more. 

Hear a bit more about how to join T.I.M.E from Baasit Siddiqui.

Visit to see what we offer your whole school community, or email to ask any further questions.