What You've Said

"Let’s Pitch It has helped to raise..."

"Let’s Pitch It has helped to raise the aspirations of our Year 8’s, with whom it was a real hit. Baasit was engaging and inspiring in his delivery, encouraging real passion in those involved. The students were clearly using and improving their skills in communication, team work and creativity as well as improving in confidence and self-esteem. As a school, we are excited to see the Year 8’s finished pitches!"

Jessica Hunny Bun (Pupil Premium Mentor at Brook Vale Groby)

"Students loved the practical aspect to the day..."

"Students loved the practical aspect to the day, creating their own media concept, and worked well in teams, inspired by the initial story behind Channel 4's Gogglebox. The resources were easy to follow and well laid out with plenty of instruction, and students left enthused to get their pitch ready for the competition thanks to Baasit's hard work on the day."

Jake Collings - Careers Lead - Wildern School

"He is engaging, grounded and clearly very experienced..."

"Baasit Siddiqui's 'Let's Pitch it' day workshop has changed the lives of some of our pupil premium students. I saw students who are usually disengaged and miserable at school, turned into articulate, passionate and focused students. He is engaging, grounded and clearly very experienced in the classroom. He made the organisation of the day really easy and left us with a fab scheme of work. We actually now have most our PP students in extracurricular clubs by choice! Well worth the small investment."

Alex Young (Associate Assistant Headteacher at The Fernwood School)

"Baasit, de Ferrers cannot thank you enough..."

"Baasit, de Ferrers cannot thank you enough for delivering a great session to some of our PP Year 9 students! The tasks were challenging yet engaging and developed the students creativity, team working and presentation skills! Some of the students partaking struggle to get engaged and partake however during your session they did! Thank you again, the students can't wait to start developing their idea further!"

Charlotte Ware (Head of KS4 business and enterprise at De Ferrers Academy)

"We look forward to working with Baasit again..."

""Lets Pitch it- fun, fantastic, inspiring" were all words that the students used to describe their day with Baasit. Some weeks prior to the event Baasit sent all of the resources to us to enable us familiarise ourselves with the content and to prepare for the day. The resources were very professional and engaging for the students inspired by the initial story behind Channel 4’s Gogglebox. On the day we used three classrooms and Baasit rotated around each one, Baasits skills as an experienced and outstanding education practitioner shone through in the handing of the students who were engaged throughout the whole day. After the event Baasit stayed in school to chat with students from other year groups, parents and staff signing autographs and posing for photographs and selfies. Moving forward the students have been very committed to finishing their project which is testimony as to how much they enjoyed their day and the confidence this has instilled in each of our students. As a school we look forward to working with Baasit again very soon."

Ave Lowe (Senior Leader at Kingsmead School, Hednesford)